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RBT is a technology and certification company focused on modernizing the dietary supplement and food supply chains through emerging technologies. RBT provides tools to manufacturers, suppliers, and growers to automate compliance and enhance supply chain interoperability. Additionally, RBT proves the source and quality of products which provides greater trust and transparency to consumers.

View our list of software tools and services below to join the future of the supplement and food industries. 

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RB Technologies is your partner and handles the technology. This allows your team to focus on efficiently operating and growing your business with our easy-to-use intuitive applications. 

RB Technologies strives to create modernized tools to efficiently run your company so you can provide the best quality supplement brands. We’ve been working with leading supplement manufacturers to automate data entry and reduce compliance risks.  


OmniBlocks: cGMP Compliant Software and Inventory Management System 

OmniBlocks is a cloud-based software designed to accurately and securely document and audit the manufacturing process in real-time. Based on cGMP regulations (21 CFR Part 111 & 117), OmniBlocks not only streamlines regulatory compliance but also simplifies inventory management and other essential business functions. Click here to learn more about OmniBlocks.

OmniGrow: Mobile Farming App for Hemp and Botanical Products

OmniGrow is a simple-to-use mobile app for farmers built around FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliance. OmniGrow helps farmers track and log key data related to their crops and growth cycles. In addition to this, OmniGrow allows farmers to maintain records and share important information with processors and regulators. Click here to learn more about OmniGrow.

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RBT Supply Chain Network: Proprietary, Quality Control Based, Supply Chain Network

The RBT Supply Chain Network connects manufacturers, suppliers, and growers. This blockchain-based network allows for cross-company sharing of verified information in real-time.  It is designed to automate supplier verification, enhance communication, and reduce lead times. Click here to learn more and join our integrated “seed to consumer” network.

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