5 Reasons Dietary Supplement Manufacturers Need to Go Paperless

Today, a lack of effective communication causes a major disconnect in the global dietary supplements and food supply chains. This results in: 

  • Lack of efficiency
  • Difficulty sourcing ingredients
  • Long audit trails
  • Difficulty tracking and reporting

One way to improve these issues is to transition to a paperless manufacturing environment. This allows manufacturers and other players in the supply chain to:

  • Digitalize production processes
  • Automate report generation
  • Share pertinent information

Antiquated Software Industry

Currently, many struggling manufacturers are using paper-based solutions or antiquated software methods. Over 60% are still using paper/pen or Word/Excel desktop applications. This is cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive. Paper-based processes can cost upwards of $200,000 due to decreased efficiency and increased labor costs. Additionally, this approach makes regulatory compliance a challenge. Almost all FDA warning letters cite CFR 21 Part 111.70.

To solve these issues, here are the top five reasons why every manufacturer should go paperless:

1. Increase efficiency and productivity

The transition to an electronic system saves time. On average, it takes 18 minutes to retrieve information from paper documents, while taking only two seconds to retrieve information from a searchable digital document. Electronic documents are easily found on devices using a key index such as date, keyword, or other specific content.  The data found can also be easily analyzed within a few seconds.

2. Improve traceability and accessibility

With a digital system, the tractability of files is increased and can be easily managed. You no longer have to sort through boxes or drawers to find that one record from last year. You can find whatever records or data you need within a few seconds. To be more specific, a cloud-based electronic storage system allows you to search for your records anytime from anywhere. It makes your records mobile and you no longer need to be physically present at a specific location to access the files. 

3. Secure your data and records

Paper documents are susceptible to theft, fire, water, or natural disasters. Losing your documents can cause financial burden. Electronic documents can be protected from theft with a password and secured by cutting edge technologies such as blockchain technology. Your files can be stored in the cloud without fear of imminent threats from people and natural conditions. Your data can also be duplicated and backed up in multiple cloud servers.  

4. Save physical space

Electronic documents do not need physical space for storage. An average of 10,000 documents takes 9 square feet of floor space, while electronic records can be saved on the cloud and do not require any floor space no matter the number of documents and files. This will allow you to use your facility more effectively without wasting any space.

5. It’s becoming the law.

By 2023, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act requires an electronic interoperable system, such as blockchain to identify and trace prescription drugs as they are distributed in the U.S. Supplements may not be that far behind.

The RB Technologies Paperless Solution

RB Technologies developed OmniBlocks, a patent-pending compliance-based software platform, to track and audit the production process in real-time and share the information with all supply chain participants. 

Imagine a paperless manufacturing environment for the entire supply chain. We efficiently streamline the production process using our OmniBlocks' all-in-one software. For manufacturers, we digitize their whole process and provide built-in reporting and compliance tools.

Our integrated supply chain network automatically allows you to transfer secure data with your vendors and customers. All players in the supply chain can effectively communicate and effortlessly share pertinent information.

With OmniBlocks, manufacturers can easily:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve traceability and accessibility
  • Secure your data and records
  • Save you space

About RB Technologies

RB Technologies uses modern technology to securely track and document the production process to easily share data among all participants of the supply chain.  

Our solution, OmniBlocks, provides manufacturers with an automated cloud-based ERP system to increase efficiency and reduce costs. For more information on how to future proof your business, visit our Website: https://rbtinc.io - discover how to move forward with adopting a digital solution at your manufacturing facility and improve your supply chain.

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