About RB Technologies

Founded in 2018, RB Technologies is a blockchain software company focused on creating transparency and supply chain interoperability in various health-related industries. We are implementing our solutions to track and timestamp, in real-time, the manufacturing process and supply chain for the food and dietary supplement industries. We then openly share that process with consumers. This ensures more quality products enter the market and helps to establish consumer trust. 

Meet the Team

Chris Jones

Nick Fields

Erin McCall

Co-Founder & CEO

Lead Software Developer

QA Engineer

Chuck Sprague

Tim Joo

Bill Lawrence

Director of Operations

Software Developer

Business Analyst

Board of Directors

Ramesh Lakshmi-Ratan

Robert DeYoung

Rich Cancro

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide industry-leading blockchain automation that securely documents the consumer health industry’s supply chain and gains consumer trust through transparency.