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RB Technologies Business 

What does RB Technologies provide?

RB Technologies provides industry-leading blockchain automation that securely documents the manufacturing supply chain and gains consumer trust through transparency via scannable certification marks.

Who are the company founders?

The company founders are Justin Kim and Chris Jones. Combined, they have both the medical and technical expertise to build and support their cutting-edge solution. To read their bios, please visit our About Us page.

When was the company started?

RB Technologies was founded in 2018.

Where is the company located?

The RB Technologies headquarters is located in Gainesville, Florida.

RB Technologies Product

What product do you offer?

RB Technologies developed OmniBlocks, a patent-pending blockchain-enabled software platform. OmniBlocks proves quality and enables trust in dietary supplements by tracking and auditing the production process. OmniBlocks also shares the information about the purity of ingredients, processes used, and related scientific research with consumers via certification marks.

How do you differ from the competition?

Current competitors are only offering manufacturing software, such as for inventory control. They do not validate data and currently have no integrated consumer solution. Also, product certification companies do not provide a continuous method of monitoring production or share verification reports with consumers. OmniBlocks is an integrated “Seed to Consumer secure network that helps our customers to build trust through transparency.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a new way to store and secure data. It can be thought of as a chain of blocks. Each block contains specific data and is chained to the block preceding it. Blocks can always be added to the chain; however, the blockchain is designed for restricting the data to be altered or removed. This ensures the data is permanent and secure. New information can be amended to the original content. The most reputable supplement companies use blockchains to ensure the best quality supplements.

Manufacturer’s FAQs

Does OmniBlocks Integrate with other products used by manufacturers?


RB Technologies strives to create an all-in-one system to efficiently run your manufacturing line so you can be the best quality supplement brand with trusted quality checks. We have been working with leading equipment suppliers that are the most reputable supplement companies to automate data entry and reduce user errors.  Contact us for more information about our equipment integration process. 

Our partners:


  • Mettler Toledo
  • A&D Weighing
  • Ohaus


  • Thermoworks 

What if I do all the lab testing myself and do not have CoAs to share?

Our software application platform will automatically generate CoAs for you, based on the "Finished Product Specifications" and require ingredient lab tests. You are able to share the CoAs generated by our system or provided by raw ingredient suppliers, or both. Check out our platforms for industries of food production, nutraceuticals, CBD oil, and for suppliers and cultivators.

How far in advance can I print the certification marks for my product labels?

RB Technologies use dynamic QR codes for our certification mark. This means that you can print and apply the mark any time before you create the product. All the data will automatically be linked once the batch is actually created. Schedule a demo to learn more.

I'm looking for inventory management and production management software. Is there a requirement to use your certification mark?

The certification mark is completely optional. You are able to take advantage of our blockchain-based production system without sharing data with your consumers. Check out our video to learn more about our OmniBlocks system.

What is the smallest size I can print a QR code?

Generally, the smallest size is about 1cm x 1cm. However, for our system, we recommend QR codes no smaller than 1.5cm x 1.5cm to ensure clear visibility from most smartphones. Learn more about our exclusive QR Code.

Do you integrate Quickbooks and other software applications?

Yes, we can integrate with a variety of software applications. Please contact us for inquiries with specific requests. Our innovative software applications platform capabilities are designed to assist you with all your processes.

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