OmniBlocks Software and Supply Chain Network

Proving Quality while Increasing Efficiency

What is OmniBlocks

OmniBlocks is a patent-pending one-of-a-kind “seed to consumer” blockchain integrated network.

OmniBlocks provides a cloud-based software ERP software application that allows manufacturers and other players in the supply chain to:

  • Digitalize production processes
  • Automate report generation
  • Share pertinent information

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To complement this, manufacturers have the option to participate in our TRUinsights app that allows for increased transparency and trust in the products produced.

“This software utilizes Blockchain technology which not only allows for more transparency in production but also elevates regulatory compliance. Customers love the reassurance this system provides.” 

Tommy Burnett,  Nutrafill

Tommy Burnett Nutrafill LLC
OmniBlocks Supply Chain Network

Future proof your business with cutting-edge blockchain technology!

Industry Statistics:

  • Almost all FDA warning letters cite CRF 21 Part 111.70.
  • Paper-based processes can cost upwards of $200,000 due to decreased efficiency and increased labor costs.
  • 75% of consumers spend more for transparency which can increase sales by 20%.
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Other Industry Trends:

Consumers have a problem trusting which supplements are safe to purchase. (More...)

To complicate matters, manufacturers use antiquated software methods and have difficulty providing verified data that consumers can trust.

By 2023, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act requires an electronic interoperable system, such as blockchain to identify and trace prescription drugs as they are distributed in the U.S. Supplements may not be that far behind.

RB Technologies Solves these Problems with OmniBlocks

OmniBlocks Benefits 

Your Software, Your Way

OmniBlocks' exclusive software is intuitive, fully customizable and easily integrates into your workflow. Don't worry about the rigid structure of traditional software applications. Make OmniBlocks your own.

No Paper, No Problem

Cloud computing allows manufacturers to easily move away from paper-based solutions without having to set up their own servers. Go digital and efficiently streamline the production process using OmniBlocks' all-in-one software.

Regulatory Compliance is an Afterthought

Blockchain technology allows manufacturers to accurately and securely monitor their production process. Manufacturers can reduce liability, improve efficiency, and increase sales.

Reduce Costs, Save Time

Our integrated supply chain network automatically allows you to transfer secure data with your vendors and customers. All players in the supply chain can effectively communicate and effortlessly share pertinent information.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Consumers demand better. They must know where your consumables come from, how they are produced, and the quality of ingredients used.

With OmniBlocks, consumers will now know which brands and manufacturers to trust. It should be yours.

Powerful Features

OmniBlocks Supply Chain Network

OmniBlocks helps to “future proof” your business by providing:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Automation
  • Equipment Integration
  • Push-button Report Generation
  • Inventory Control
  • Batch Management
  • Quality Control

  • Easy Compliance Federal Regulations
  • Multiple Function QR Codes
  • Automated, Secured Documentation
  • Custom Formulations

OmniBlocks has been a great tool for marketing the transparency of our brand, as well as for recording inventory and operations as we scale."

Mary Garavaglia - Creative Director, Aha Pure Foods

Our Technology is Your Advantage

Consumers demand better. They must know where their consumables come from, how they are produced, and the quality of ingredients used.

With the OmniBlocks’ certification mark, consumers will know which brands and manufacturers to trust. Should it be yours!

Would you like to take a peek inside OmniBlocks and discover how RB Technologies can help to future proof your business? Contact us to schedule your demo today!