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your software, your way

OmniBlocks exclusive software is intuitive, fully customizable and easily integrates into your workflow. Don't worry about the rigid structure of traditional software applications. Make OmniBlocks your own.

make regulatory compliance an afterthought

Based on cGMP regulations (21 CFR Part 111 & 117), OmniBlocks is designed to accurately document and audit the manufacturing process in time-time. This allows you to decrease risk and take back valuable time that would otherwise be spent worrying about and ensuring compliance.

No paper, no problem

Cloud computing allows manufacturers to easily move away from paper-based solutions without having to set up their own servers. Go digital and efficiently streamline the production process using OmniBlocks all-in-one software.

your data is your advantage

Blockchain technology allows manufacturers to accurately and securely monitor their production process. The real-time data captured can be used to reduce liability, improve efficiency, and increase sales.

Omniblocks users say

"We were looking for a digital batch record and inventory system that would enhance our productivity and fortify Quality Management system. RB Technologies provided, OmniBlocks, a custom software system that met all of our manufacturing and regulatory needs."
Tommy Burnett
General Manager, Nutrafill
"The team at RB Technologies is knowledgable and very helpful in making sure the system meets our needs. I can't wait to see this expand all over across multiple industries to bring more open accountability with companies"
Joe Heinzman
President, Heartland Hemp
"OmniBlocks has been a great tool for marketing the transparency of our brand, as well as for recording inventory and operations as we scale"
Mary Garavaglia
Creative Director, Aha Pure Foods
"This software utilizes blockchain technology which not only allows for more transparency in production but also elevates regulatory compliance. Customers love the reassurance this software provides."
ryan howell
COO, Pretoria Fields Collective

OmniBlocks Features

Frequently asked questions

Yes, OmniBlocks can integrate with a variety of software applications. Please contact us for inquiries with specific requests. 

Yes, RB Technologies strives to create an all-in-one system to efficiently run your manufacturing line. We have worked with leading equipment suppliers to automate data entry and reduce user errors. Contact us for more information about our equipment integration process. 

 OmniBlocks is completely cloud-based.

Yes, OmniBlocks is designed to be the base manufacturing software to automate information flow to and from the Supply Chain Network and TruInsights. It is highly recommended to use OmniBlocks if you wish to utilize TruInights or the Supply Chain Network.

Yes, OmniBlocks is validated to CFR 21 Part 11 standards (e-signatures and e-documents) and all predicate rules for CFR 21 Part 111 and CFR 21 Part 117.

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