OmniGrow Mobile App

RB Technologies, Inc. has developed a mobile app that is designed to help hemp farmers automate their tracking and ensure quality product. Additionally, farmers can use the app to securely and efficiently share  data with hemp extractors and regulatory authorities.


  • Ensure quality product through digital verification
  • Guarantee efficiency and easily monitor crop performance
  • Track the grow season from clones to harvest
  • Gain insight from cultivar performance metrics
  • Increase visibility and transparency
OmniGrow App Screen 1

OmniGrow App Screen 2

 Farm Profile

Setup a complete farm profile logging location, state registration, farmers, and acreage.

 Weekly Surveys

Complete a weekly survey to monitor plant health. Weekly surveys consist of a series of 9 yes or no questions to ensure the grow season is going as planned.

 Crop Monitoring

Log and monitor all plants on your farm. Keep track of cultivar location, origin, varietal, strength, CoAs, and soil amendments.

Deviation Checks

Throughout the grow season to report any abnormalities/deviations (pests, mold, bacteria, viral, deer, etc), answer a few short questions and upload a photo.

THC Testing

Log THC levels and upload and keep track of CoAs.


Log moisture levels and overall drying time.

Feed Schedule

Track each time and the amount your plants are fed throughout the season.


Monitor when flowering occurs per cultivar and confirm with picture verification.

Crop Performance

At the end of the season, rank the performance of each cultivar on your farm. This determines which cultivars are best suited for your climate and geographical location.


Actively see metrics regarding your plants/farm throughout the grow season. Automatically share information with hemp processors and generate PDF records for state authorities.

To learn more about the OmniGrow App, please schedule your consultation today.