Our Services

An overview of our services and how they can benefit you.

Supply Chain Digitalization & Custom Software Design

RBT works with manufacturers at all points within the supply chain to fully digitalize operations or augment existing software systems. 

Blockchain API Integrations

Data is encrypted and stored on an immutable, distributed ledger in real-time. RBT pulls key QC and supply chain data points to provide levels of confidence for product authenticity with a simple scan.

Data Standardization

RBT focuses on standardizing data from various software systems around industry regulations and quality standards. Some examples include GMP, ISO, and GS1.

Supply Chain Interoperability

Cross-company sharing of verified data improves efficiency, cuts costs, and reduces risk across the supply chain.

Product Verification

Verified, trusted, batch-specific product information can truly prove quality and provide product verification on a new level.

Track & Trace

Manufacturers can track products within their supply chain in real-time, combat fraud, and make potential recalls an afterthought.

Your Partners In Technology

RB Technologies strives to create modernized tools to efficiently run your company so you can provide the best quality products. We’ve been working with leading industry manufacturers and brands to automate data entry and reduce compliance risks.

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

RB Technologies is your partner and handles the technology. This allows your team to focus on efficiently operating and growing your business with our easy-to-use intuitive applications. 

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