OmniBlocks For Supplement Manufacturer’s Solution

RB Technologies provides manufacturers with a simple-to-use software platform called OmniBlocks. It’s a cloud-based platform designed to accurately and securely document and audit the manufacturing process in real-time. It also helps to reduce liability and improve efficiency. OmniBlocks also helps manufacturer’s to stay FDA compliant. 

Patent-pending Blockchain System

Our proprietary OmniBlocks system is a patent-pending blockchain system that’s intuitive, fully customizable, and easily integrates into existing workflows. It allows manufacturers to easily move away from paper-based solutions without having to set up their own servers.

OmniBlocks Supply Chain Network

A Productive Partnership

RB Technologies is your partner and handles the technology. This allows your team to focus on efficiently operating and building your business with our easy-to-use intuitive application.


Focused on the Dietary Supplement and Food Industries

OmniBlocks is specifically designed for the dietary supplement and food industries. When manufacturers “go digital,” and efficiently streamline the production process using OmniBlocks cloud-based software, they receive an “all-in-one” solution. This includes the following fully-integrated functionality:

  • Inventory management
  • Formulations
  • Batch Management
  • Order Management (POs and customer)
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Quality Control*
  • Other Features
      • Audit trail

      • Tracking

      • Customization

      • cGMP compliant

      • CFR 11 validation

      • Reporting


Additionally, manufacturers realize the following benefits:

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Cost Savings

  • Less paper
  • Decrease user errors
  • Efficient tracking
  • Automatic report/document generation

With full digitalization, manufacturers achieve an efficient work flow while streamlining and improving interdepartmental communication.

Future Proofing your Business

OmniBlocks incorporates blockchain technology, so all data is unalterable and timestamped. Blockchain data allows quality to be ensured. This approach eases the concerns of consumers while allowing manufacturers to easily stay FDA and GMP compliant. Additionally, OmniBlocks cloud-based platform makes it easy to document and audit the manufacturing process in real-time.

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RB Technologies strives to create an all-in-one system to efficiently run the manufacturing line so manufacturers can provide the best quality supplement brands. We’ve been working with leading supplement manufacturers to automate data entry and reduce user errors.  

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