Evolving Supply Chain Technology and Transparency

RB Technologies developed an integrated “seed to consumer” blockchain network.  It allows cross-company sharing of verified data to improve efficiency and provide transparency to build trust.

OmniBlocks Supply Chain Network

Supply Chain and Consumer Challenges:

  • An opaque supply chain leads to distrust in products
  • Lack of effective communication within supply chain networks
  • Inefficiency in sharing verified data
  • No way to legitimately prove product quality


Seed to Consumer Connection

Our vision is to create an integrated “seed to consumer” network that allows all players of the supply chain to share data securely amongst themselves and trusted product quality information with consumers.

Next-Generation Technology

RB Technologies uses blockchain technology to securely track and document the production process to easily share data among all participates of the supply chain.  

OmniBlocks and TRUinsights

OmniBlocks provides manufacturers with an automated cloud-based ERP system to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Consumers are provided with TRUinsights which allows them to use their Smartphones to obtain important information about ingredients and product quality.

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